Here your will find an updated and current list for the rules and banned items for our servers and teamspeak. All content contained on this page is subject to change at our discretion without notification.


  1. Hacking or attempting to disrupt the server maliciously is strictly forbidden.
  2. Advertising on our server is not allowed, no matter the reason. This does not include help guides and help videos, pertaining to minecraft or modded content.
  3. Multiple accounts for the same user are not allowed
  4. Exploiting bugs is forbidden, instead report them with a ticket, you may get a reward.

Game Modifications

  1. You are restricted from using any external 3rd party mods or plugins(e.g. LiteLoader, Xray, Etc...) that will give you an advantage over other players.
  2. Texture packs that give an advantage are strictly forbidden.
  3. Circumventing server mechanisms such as Anti-Grief or Idle-Kick.

Player Interaction

  1. Do not cause other players unnecessary emotional stress. (Cyberbulling, blackmailing, threatening...)
  2. Remain friendly with others players, they want to enjoy the server as well.
  3. Do not teleport or go to other players area uninvited.
  4. Do not scam or social engineer other players.
  5. Racism, sexism, and any other type of discrimination is strongly prohibited and a zero-tolerence rule.
  6. Staff impersonation is not allowed, do not use tags, names, etc...

Game Interaction

  1. Griefing is not allowed.
    • This includes land griefing as well, such as phallic statues, 1x1 pillars, and land destruction.
    • If you grief something on accident, report it with a ticket so a staff member can follow up.
  2. Replant any trees in the wilderness.
  3. Do not pump lava from the nether, use other lava generation systems.
  4. Avoid taxing redstone contraptions and setups.
  5. Avoid the looping of all pipes, you can use colors to prevent looping on cables, conduits, and pipes.
  6. Pick up your items, ground entities add up and cause the server to lag.
  7. When building, keep in mind that other players may be affected by your devices and set ups.
  8. Quarries are no longer allowed to spew items.
    • If I find a quarry spewing items, I will revoke your quarry access.

Staff Interaction

  1. Do not ask for staff ranks. You will be approached if we feel you are worthy enough.
  2. Do not impersonate staff.
  3. Respect staffs decisions and authority. This does not mean you have to agree, but interact with them in a respectful way.
    • If you feel a staff member is out of line, report it directly to an admin/owner.
  4. Not a rule, just information: Owners: Tantrex/TobiasMage23; Lead Administrator: Legort665


  1. Do not spam chat.
  2. Do not advertise.
  3. Keep trading discussion to a minimum in public chat.
  4. Use the ticket system if you need help from a staff member.


  1. Use a respectable name.
  2. Use push to talk, or make sure your mic does not broadcast background noise.
  3. Be respectful and do not talk over other members.
  4. Do not ask for teamspeak ranks.


  1. We will not refund or replace any items, for any reason.

NOTE: Any rules broken are punishible at the staff members discretion.