Oh Baby We Are Back!

CyberKnightsGaming has return to provide you with the same quality servers as before, this time updated for the newest generation of modded minecraft! We will be premiering with FTB Beyond, and then segue into another FTB Beyond Hardcore pack. Stay tuned for more information, this is going to be a fun ride!

We are working tirelessly

In the past 24 hours we have been working tirelessly. We have got a website setup and started adding content to it. We have a list of rules, which may be revised but it is up. We have our teamspeak information up. We have server information up. Phew. It has taken a while but it is getting there.

I have went ahead and purchased a dedicated server and it is in the process of being setup and getting ready to be used. We have one minecraft server on it so far, but are making plans to extend to others very soon. We are getting things in order to publish our listing for voting websites to drive players to the server.

Pretty soon we will have a spawn built, plugins setup, and be ready for players. Stayed tuned because something great is coming!

  • The Knights Team

Welcome to Cyber Knights Gaming

Welcome to Cyber Knights Gaming,

We are very happy to have you here in this very exciting journey for us. We are a group of guys with experience in running minecraft servers for 4+ years now! That's just crazy. We are very lucky to have this opportunity and plan to take a full advantage of it. As of right now we have no information to publish but we are working on things and are getting very very excited. Expect some news within the coming weeks on what you can expect.

Thank you so much for your support, and once again, welcome to Cyber Knights Gaming!

  • The Knights Team